Buy stock cars for the best price? (2020) ultimate guide

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  • The problem
  • Different dealer discounts
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Same stock car but a different price?

Have you noticed that there are so many different dealer discounts for almost the same car?

Same stock car for a different price

Isn't this annoying?

Dealer discount margins on stock vehicles.

To find the different dealer margins, you need to contact dozens of dealers in your area.

Then you compare the different discount percentages to find the best price.

Do you have time for that? We don't and neither do you!

That is precisely why mycarena was created, to offer a solution for new stock car buyers.

Various dealer stock car discounts on mycarena

mycarena shows you stock cars with the highest discount percentage.

Rather than visiting dealers to compare stock car prices, mycarena does the work for you.

Mycarena immediately groups comparable stock cars from dealers all over the country and offers you the best price right away.

Find stock car with the highest cheapest price on mycarena
Reserve a stock car completely online

Don't miss the deal and reserve your stock car online right away!

We only show stock cars that are immediately available through an online reservation on mycarena.

Make sure you book your car deal online in time before someone else does!

Choose for a possible trade-in of your old car and your type of purchase. This can be a bank transfer, personal financing or business lease.

The dealer will contact you.

The dealer has received enough information via mycarena to correctly deliver your stock car.

Communication between you and the dealer is recommended by email to minimize misunderstandings.

Dealer contacts the buyer after booking a stock car

You have a stock car deal that quickly!

We make it easier for you to find the right car at the best price, completely online!

If you have any questions before or after your online reservation, you can always contact mycarena. We are there for you and we never make things difficult.

And so you have a stock car deal

mycarena VS other websites

If we are to believe Google, there is no other website than mycarena where you can easily and instantly compare prices of new stock cars.


All other websites mix used cars and new cars. We only show new cars so that comparing models is clear and fair.

All cars on mycarena are in stock and immediately available for purchase.

You can easily compare between different brands and models. Something you can't do on websites for stock cars from Volkswagen, BMW, Skoda, Volvo, Mercedes, Peugeot, Ford, Audi and many more.

At mycarena we focus on online, we strive for a future that is as digital as possible.

That is why it is possible at mycarena to reserve a stock car completely online, with the option to purchase a stock car completely online soon.

So, what are you waiting for? Search, compare and book online!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Enjoy the search!

Team mycarena