Dealer transition to online sales with mycarena


It’s about time automotive dealerships think about selling online!

But what exactly is online in automotive?

We all know the traditional automotive online sales platform where you can sell a car online. But that concept is immensely old fashioned. If you think about it, they are just a list of classifieds but then digitalised.

It’s of course a very successful model, nothing is wrong with that. But the buyer is changing rapidly.

The buyer wants a fast and fully online service.

We are striving to become the very first fully online automotive e-commerce website. Allowing dealerships to make a transition into selling stock cars online.

Online sales

The Uber Eats or Deliveroo for cars

We want to be this. Order online, delivered at home.

This is our goal.

But, there’s a problem. Nowadays, nearly all manufacturers have complex car configurations. In most cases, the salesman knows how to save you money by selecting the right options. So, car buyers are still very hesitant to spec out a new car themselves.

Therefore, we can't go fully online with new (on order) cars for now.


Cars have too many options.

Electric cars of the future, such as the Polestar 2 or ID3, have much more easier configuration options. If cars of the future are alike, then car buyers will have it easier to configure the car online.

Select the motor, colour, wheels, interior colour, few packs and order online!

We are still far away from reaching this point. Most likely, it will require 5 more years for half of the cars to be so simple to configure online.

We focus on stock cars

The benefit with stock cars, is that dealerships can put a final price tag on it. This way our search algorithm will show customers the best (final) price. Discounts on new to be ordered cars, has too many variables and can’t be predefined in advance.

So, for mycarena stock cars are the way to go.


We expect that the buyer who visits our website and makes an order. Are buyers that have already gone through the entire selection phase and are now just searching for the best price. This is the final stage of the car buyer, where currently they will compare price offers from different dealerships and compare for the best deal.

We have revolutionised this stage, by creating the most unique price comparison UI/UX in the automotive industry. We have developed an algorithm, that groups similar deals together so a buyer can quickly find the right car for the best price.

Charges based on your performance

The classic sales platform charges you based on the number of cars you have for sale online. This practice is the easiest solution for platforms but also the most expensive method of calculation for dealerships.

We charge dealerships based on their own performance. If you sell cars online, you pay a commission fee for that car. Anything you don’t sell; you will not pay for.

We believe this method of calculation is only possible for platforms that have a close online integration with the dealership.

We are the only platform available in Belgium that measures the performance of dealerships and charges based on that.

Simply fair and square.

So, do we increase competition through our search algorithm?

Selesame car different price

Short answer: no.

Long answer: dealerships are already competing against each other; we have only made it more accessible (or obvious) for the car buyer to find deals and compare instantly.

But price isn’t the only factor in deciding. It is also the location of the dealership and most importantly the vehicle specifications.

So no, we don’t do anything to harm competition. The consumer that visits mycarena, is the same that compares dealerships by itself.

We are delighted to see more dealerships join mycarena. It’s together that we can prepare ourself for a new generation of automotive shopping.

If you would like to join mycarena, feel free to do so by contacting us with the form below.

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