Land Rover Defender

A redesigned icon for the modern age, meet the newly designed Land Rover Defender. Unquestionably the best off-road vehicle in the world.

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Intelligent off-road software

Very cool looks

Feels very tough and rigid


No proper off-road wheels (too big)

Discovery is better at seating seven


Silence the critics

The new Defender has faced a lot of criticism from purists, due to the complete redesign of the original Defender launched in the early 80’s. But Land Rover is very determined that they have built an even better and more solid product then the original platform. The new monocoque chassis on the Defender is stiffer than any other chassis that Land Rover has ever made and that helps when you are off-roading. Some also complained that it doesn’t have rigid axles, but that doesn’t matter as it has all-round individual suspension. The travel of independent suspension is 500 millimetres combined with an optional rear mechanical differential that stops the wheels from spinning up.

The 110 version of the new Defender comes with air suspension as standard and it’s really good for when you want to go off-roading. You can raise up the ride height to drive over obstacles easier. You can raise it up to a maximum of 145 millimetre. You end up with a total ground clearance of 291 millimetres. The old Defender has 250 millimetres of ground clearance – improvement isn’t it?

The new Defender is now packed with intelligent software to adapt the vehicle dynamics by sensing the surface. The All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC), which is effectively an off-road cruise control, will do everything for you to go over difficult terrain. It’s really handy when you are on very slippery surfaces and you just want to chill out.

Sensors in the door mirrors measure depth of water allowing you to wade safely up to a depth of 0.9 meter. The old Defender could do “only” half a meter. The new Defender is therefore the best on the market for when it comes to near swimming activities with your car.

The body shape of the original Defender is very iconic, similar to the original Jeep and Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The new Defender kept the boxy layout, but it now looks more complicated and modern. It has kept a lot of design elements from the original Defender, such as the spare wheel and the retro interior that looks very similar to the old one.

How practical is it?

The seating position of the old car was very uncomfortable, while in the new Defender it feels like any other modern Land Rover. The interior quality also took a huge leap forward, compared to the old hard plastics in the previous model. All materials feel soft and has nice leather touches all around the car. It’s all very good, only the lower parts of the interior have cheaper feeling plastic but they are more scratch resistant than softer plastic. You will note cool things like the Defender name on the dashboard, the exposed screws and body colour painted interior trims. It all feels strong, industrial and yet so luxurious. It’s all very well thought out.

If you regularly want to carry people in the back of your Land Rover Defender, you would need the 110 version because it has 5 doors and it’s a bit longer then the 3 doors 90 version. There’s plenty of room in the back for 3 adults – as the floor in the back is pretty much flat. You can also have the Defender 110 as a 7-seater. But if you want a really good 7-seater then opt for the Land Rover Discovery.

The Land Rover Defender can tow 3.5 tons behind it, if you opt for the optional retractable trailer hitch.

The boot of the Defender is absolutely massive with a total capacity of 743L. The boot has no load lip, so it’s easier to take things in and out. With the air suspension, you can lower the rear of the car through a button in the boot.


475.8 cm
199.6 cm
196.7 cm


Cup Holders
Boot space
743 L

Performance, economy & price

The price has increased compared to the original Defender. That is understandable, as the new Defender brings in so much more value and usability. It’s a car you could use as your daily driver, so the increased price is very understandable. It also matches the premium price tag of the entire Land Rover range. See more stock car deals on mycarena and you will be surprised how much you can save on a new Defender!

In terms of engines, you have two petrol and two diesel options. There are three engines with a 4-cylinder, two of them are diesel. The petrol 4-cylinder is a 2L Turbo engine with 300HP. Or there is a 3L Turbo 6-cylinder with 400HP. The two diesels are one with 200HP and the other with 240HP. They are all great engines and you wouldn’t be disappointed with either of them.

If you are looking for a cool looking, comfortable, nice to drive and incredibly capable off-roader you should not hesitate to buy this car. Because this new Defender really is the best option out there.

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Land Rover Defender
Land Rover Defender
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The new Defender, unquestionably the best off-roader in the world.

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