2020 Jaguar F-Type Review

The sportscar that defined the future of Jaguar. The F-Type is a stunning GT sportscar designed by Ian Callum. Who is also known for designing the Aston Martin Vanquish (2001) and Ford Escort Cosworth (1989).

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Over-The-Air updates

Unique design



Super tiny vanity mirror

Rear visibility when spoiler is deployed

No manual gearbox option

The "affordable" GT car

You really have very few options for a small sporty front engine GT car starting at €65.000. The closest you can compare the F-Type with is the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, that starts around €150.000!

The design of the F-Type is very sleek and functional. It is made of rigid aluminium, with some very large panels to increase the body strength of the car. All the vents you can find on the car are all purposeful. It has very nicely integrated door handles, that go seamless with the body of the car. If you go for the V8 version, you get quad exhaust pipes that stick out so nicely. There’s also an integrated spoiler that lifts on higher speeds.

The taillights are so iconic now for the Jaguar brand. The F-Type was the first model to be introduced with the long narrow aggressive taillights that you can see on all other Jaguars except of the XE and XF.

The infotainment from all Jaguar’s aren’t so good and the F-Type is no exception. They are alright to use but aren’t so intuitive like on German cars. You can connect the car with your phone through Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

How practical is it?

The boot has a capacity of 300L. Not much, but with clever packing you can store one big luggage, one small luggage and two small soft bags. Fairly practical due to its hatchback design, you can pack it up quite nicely for your long road trip to the Alps!

The F-Type is a Grand Tourer sports car. Which means that it has a nice blend between a sporty drive and comfort. So, the suspension is not firm and can cope bumps very well.

The car has cruise control for long highway drives. But it has no adaptive cruise control, which is very unfortunate. You do get these kinds of features on for example a BMW Z4, which is much cheaper in price as well.

It does have lane keep assist, but it’s a very basic system that only guides you slightly. It’s not fully autonomous, so pretty much useless really.

It’s clear that the F-Type is not made for optimum driving comfort. It’s made to be an engaging sports car with enough comfortable dynamics to give you a great drive.


447 cm
192.3 cm
131.1 cm


Cup Holders
Boot space
299 L

Performance, economy & price

The engines start with a 2L 4-cylinder petrol producing 300hp, it’s rear wheel drive only and can do a 0 to 100kmph in 5.7 seconds. Then you have three V8 options: a 450hp engine as all-wheel drive or rear wheel drive (both do 4.6 seconds) and 575hp engine as all-wheel drive only (3.7 seconds).

The economy of the cars are not so good, but that’s not why you buy a sports car, do you?

All models are automatic, but they are semi-automatic gearboxes with 8 speeds that you can shift with paddles on the steering wheel. The driver is still very involved with the controls of the car and it’s certainly a very different experience than with a manual gearbox.

What is also very well executed with Jaguar is how they produce a nice tone from the exhaust. Especially the V8 sound is so pure and raw. Unique in this segment as most cars are going with turbocharged engines that mutes the sound of the car. The Jaguar V8 engines are supercharged, they are dependent on the engine to rotate the supercharger and create boost.

The F-Type starts at €65.100 while the convertible starts at €72.220.

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2020 Jaguar F-Type Review
2020 Jaguar F-Type Review
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The sports car that defined the future of Jaguar.

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