Jaguar E-Pace Review

Posh compact SUV with a sporty look! This new E-Pace shares a lot of components with the bigger and more expensive Jaguar F-Pace! This is your choice if you want something smaller and cheaper.

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Sporty looks

A lot of technology

Practical interior


Doesn’t drive sporty

Uncomfortable suspension

Price tag


Jaguar did its very best to make this new E-Pace different and sportier compared to the similar model in its class, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Starting with the gorgeous driver focused cockpit inspired by the F-Type sportscar. It also looks very similar to the Jaguar F-Type, especially the rear lights are almost an exact copy of the sportscar.

Quality is not like the F-Type or Evoque though, you see a lot more plastic in the interior. There’s also a little less care for attention to detail in certain areas of the interior, such as the stitching not lining up properly on the seats. Despite the slight lack of quality, the car isn’t any cheaper either. For a small SUV, the E-Pace alongside the Evoque are one of the most expensive options on the market right now.

Some other annoying features of the E-Pace are the rear windows not going all the way down, some passengers might really hate in your posh sporty SUV. Also, the angle of the infotainment screen is almost tilted to the sky, so the glare from the sun makes it hard to see it.

Speaking of the infotainment, it’s not so intuitive as any German alternative such as Audi, BMW or Mercedes. It is very friendly for passengers with the optional Wi-Fi hotspot. It also comes with a lot of USB connectivity ports, there are 3 in the back!

Visibility to the back is not so great. But you have the option to equip this car with a 360° camera view, make sure you have that checked!

How practical is it?

There is 60L of storage space in the car. You can easily store larger items in the door bins, such as a water bottle. The boot capacity is slightly less than its rivals, but it’s still very good. The floor in the boot is reasonably flat, so you can slide larger items with ease.

There is enough room for passengers in the back. Head space is great, even if you go for the optional panoramic roof. The foot space in the back is slightly cramped if you do a longer journey.


439.5 cm
190 cm
164.9 cm


Cup Holders
Boot space
577 L

Performance, economy & price

The car looks very sporty, but it’s not so sporty to drive unfortunately. As it is based on the Range Rover Evoque, the car feels like your traditional SUV on the road. It does have firm suspension, so it doesn’t roll much. But if you drive over a bump, you feel it very well in the cabin. It’s constantly bouncing down the road, it’s not smooth at all. Another thing that is not great is the steering, it doesn’t feel Jaguar like.

The engines need to work hard because of its weight, but despite that the cars economy is still very good. The dynamics of the gearbox is not so refined compared to your German alternatives, that just do a better driving experience for example the BMW X2.

This car is perfect for you if you love the Jaguar brand and want something that looks very luxurious! Alternatives, other than the Evoque, do not give you the same presence. But if you need something that drives better and has better quality – go for any of the German alternatives such as the BMW X1, Audi Q3 or Mercedes GLA.

Jaguar E-Pace Review
Jaguar E-Pace Review
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Posh compact SUV with a sporty look! This is your luxurious choice!

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