The platform building the future of automotive e-commerce.


Welcome, sit back and enjoy the journey with us.

This is going to be great!

The initial idea started in late 2018 and was introduced between friends in early 2019.

Since then we have been building the project together, just continuous developments improving the idea. The concept was very basic in the beginning, but during development we made it more precise for automotive dealerships.

Our continuous developments made us hesitant whether we should go live or not. Developers can surely relate to this; you never know whether you are fully ready. There is always a bug around or content you still wish to add before going live.

But by November 2020, we decided to go for it and register the company.


Since then, mycarena is actively searching for partners, dealerships and friends to join this project. Afterall, we believe that success comes when you work for it together. Our friendship that we created, has been a joint force of different talents to bring forward this masterpiece of a product!

Yes, it's a masterpiece. Especially when we have made everything from scratch, not basing on any pre-defined system (CMS) to build on.

It's not done yet. There's still so much on our agenda. Online automotive is still in its very early stages and not properly exploited yet. We are working on it and trying to find the best solution for both dealerships, car buyers and any other party involved in the chain.

The future is changing rapidly in the automotive sector and we want to be prepared for that. We all know that online will be a very big part of sales at some point. But how big, in what way and when? That is something only time will tell us. But we hope to be part of it!

our mission is to make new car buying more clearer, cheaper and online accessible to the general public.
Our vision is to become the leading fully online, new stock car, deals comparison and buying site in the world.

We are solving a problem...

This project came into existence when one of the co-founders had so much hassle finding and comparing deals.
Solving problem

So, he wanted to develop something like carwow but more instantaneous. After conversations, discussions and tweaks. He came up with a hybrid version of Carwow and the hotel booking site Trivago.

If you are looking for a car, you want to compare prices (Carwow) instantly (Trivago). However, you can’t do that for new cars on order. It is possible, but the system behind it will not convince dealerships to join such platform. It will require constant responses from dealerships on potential leads. This is very time consuming for dealerships.

As a result, mycarena is now the ideal price comparison site that instantly shows you the right car for the best price. We only focus on stock cars, leaving out the secondhand car market from Autoscout24 and the new car market from Carwow.

We are super excited with the upcoming developments for mycarena and we will continue to update this page for any new major update.

If you would like to follow more about us and read business related updates on mycarena. Then feel free to visit our page on LinkedIn.